UCCS Grain School Online 2022

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) is offering Grain School Online 2022 this winter and spring! Three online courses and one Grain School Public Forum will bring participants a broad array of learning experiences. The courses cover topics along the entire grain chain, from farming and milling/malting to baking, brewing, cooking, and distilling. Course 1 focuses on farming and grain processing, Course 2 on nutrition and health, and Course 3 community engagement. All courses encourage participants to engage using their hands in home kitchens and bakeries while learning online.


  • Take one course for $150 or all three for $400 (Course content available for 12 months)
  • The course features Thursday live speakers, panels, discussions, and Q&A.
  • Scholarships for Colorado farmers and grain-focused businesses are available.


In partnership with Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and the Colorado Grain Chain, UCCS Grain School continues to foster and build a dynamic grain value chain in Colorado. Each year, UCCS Grain School enhances the knowledge and skills of those working in grain chains around the world. The Public Forum, this year will be held March 5th, 2022, is free, and presents UCCS Grain School’s outreach to the community. While we stay online for 2022, we continue to leverage the public forum to celebrate our work together.


Please join! For more information and to register: https://forms.gle/epCxHWJxBMU16cvr9 


Contact Candida Bennet at cbennet5@uccs.edu with any questions or assistance with registration.

Contact Sean Svette at ssvette@uccs.edu with requests for scholarships


Feb 03 2022 - Apr 28 2022


All Day