Azmal Hossan

PhD Student in Sociology at Colorado State University
National Research Trainee at Interdisciplinary Teaching, Education and Research in Food-
Energy-Water Systems (InTERFEWS), Colorado State University
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Malin
MA in Sociology (Major) and Public Administrator (Minor), Texas Tech University
MSS in Sociology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
BSS in Sociology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
My research interests are food-energy-water (FEW) nexus and its climate change implication with special focus on Bangladesh. My interest in food system comes from my MA thesis where I examined how the underlying connection between climate change and household characteristics influence women’s nutritional status in Bangladesh. Whenever we talk about human nutrition,
we need to talk about food. This is because we eat food, not nutrition. This interest grew up in the last summer when I worked with Dr. Joshua Sbicca in his “Food Justice Frontiers and the Greening of Prisons with Horticultural Initiatives” project. The project is funded by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability Residential Fellowship at Colorado State University. Along with my PhD study in sociology, I am also enrolled in National Research Training program at Interdisciplinary Teaching, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems
(InTERFEWS), Colorado State University. It is NSF funded four years long interdisciplinary
training program for graduate students from different discipline where I will have rigorous
training on Food-Energy-Water nexus. For my PhD, I am looking forward to doing research on
climate change implications (availability of water and energy) of food production in Bangladesh.