Executive Director position at Boulder County Farmers Markets

Executive Director position at Boulder County Farmers Markets


The Opportunity: Executive Director

The Executive Director functions as the Chief Executive Officer. They bring their passion for local agriculture and help identify opportunities, set strategic direction, and implement policies and deliverables set by the Board of Directors. They lead the organization, achieving annual goals and ensuring that the financial, program development, human resource, fundraising, and administrative functions of the organization are successful. Involved in both high-level strategy and hands-on execution, they support leaders in Finance, On-Street and Off-Street Market Operations, Food Access, and Marketing. The Executive Director demonstrates:

Vision: BCFM strives to transform communities. The ED works closely with the Board and other stakeholders to shape the vision for BCFM’s role in the local food system. They communicate the vision to others, inspiring them to join BCFM in its work.

Leadership: Leading at BCFM is akin to being a shepherd. There are times to pitch in, times to support, and times to direct. Our ED is an agile leader who adapts easily to different situations. They ensure the staff has the support and resources they need to do perform and thrive. They foster accountability, provide opportunities for learning, coach others as they grow, and don’t shy away from difficult conversations. As a community leader, they actively engage with the community, communicating BCFM’s vision, influencing others, and advocating for relevant issues and programs.

Business Acumen: Whether they come from the nonprofit world or another industry, our ED has the chops to lead the organization, possessing solid management, administrative and business skills. They are practiced in financial and operational management and will be an outstanding steward of our resources.

Communication: We support a community of shared purpose and diverse, robust opinions. A keen communicator, this leader listens to understand and produces relevant, timely, and effective communication. They thoughtfully consider feedback, whether it is from a long-term member, a seasoned farmer, a classic Colorado rancher, a dedicated staffer, or a consumer who frequents our markets and other services. Leading by example, our ED shows that people are important. Their communication reflects the significant impact BCFM has on the lives and livelihoods of our diverse community.

Relationship Management: BCFM’s leader has political savvy, self-awareness, and the ability to adapt to different audiences and stakeholders. They effectively lead the BCFM team while engaging authentically with members, farmers, ranchers, other vendors and sponsors. They shift comfortably to working with government officials or agencies. In their ongoing work with the Board of Directors, they are responsive and proactive, providing structure, insights, and implementation expertise. Essentially, they represent the organization in a variety of informal and formal relationships, which they develop and grow.

Balance: The ED is thoughtful and has a natural inclination towards responding rather than reacting. They balance individual feedback and desire with collective benefit and operational limits. They acknowledge emotion while keeping the objective problem in focus. They balance a commitment to improving processes and procedures with a sense of the value of historical processes and procedures. They understand how to meet the critical need to build diversity while supporting organizational strengths.

Operational Awareness: Since the ED oversees all aspects of BCFM operation, this isn’t a classic 9-5 office job. The ED is present and accessible to support the staff and community and achieve BCFM’s goals. During peak season, there are long hours and some weekend work. At the market, they get dusty and need a good sun hat and comfortable shoes. At other times, they fit right in meeting with policymakers, industry experts, and businesses. Occasional travel keeps BCFM connected to and involved state, regional and national issues. BCFM’s ED thrives with this variety.


  • Five to ten years of successful leadership experience, preferably in a food/agriculture-related organization, in either the nonprofit or private sector
  • A natural, down-to-earth style that fits and adds value to our culture
  • Demonstrated financial acumen and accounting knowledge: GAAP compliance, budgeting, P&L/balance sheet/cash flow management, financial planning/reporting expertise
  • Experience working or volunteering with community, nonprofit or government organizations
  • Knowledge of and commitment to building sustainable food systems
  • Interpersonal and communication skills that include fostering collaboration, building and maintaining trusted relationships, and productively resolving conflicts
  • Demonstrated leadership in the development and implementation of a strategic plan.
  • Willingness and aptitude to learn
  • High level of personal and ethical standards
  • A combination of relevant education, training and experience in our industry and related fields will be considered.


This is a full-time, exempt position. The compensation package includes a competitive salary, annual MBO-based bonus opportunity, health benefits, workers compensation coverage, earned sick leave, paid vacation, and holidays. The salary range is $80,000 Minimum to $105,000 Maximum. The salary range above represents the low and high end of the range; the actual salary will be determined based on various factors, such as relevant experience.