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Hemp Supply Chains

The purpose of this project is to collect 2020 hemp producers’ cost of production information for three target markets (fiber, grain, essential oil). Lack of available data is a well-documented problem for the nascent U.S. hemp industry even as more detailed data is needed for rulemaking (2018 Farm Bill, Public Law 115-334) and any associated guidance that may be forthcoming. This will be the 1st national survey of hemp producers to establish a baseline of production costs by region and intended market/supply chain channel. Currently many producers, processors, policymakers, and stakeholders are making decisions with either no data or minimal data. Information from this survey will be used in a variety of ways and is pivotal in understanding how to move this industry forward.

In 2020, states licensed a total of 21,496 growers a 27% increased compared to 2019.
Colorado had 61,854 of outdoor acres planted in 2020, the most in the U.S.
In 2020, there were 2,017 hemp growers in CO
  • According to CSU, the value chain of Colorado agriculture contributes nearly $40B to the state economy. Farms and ranches need a viable workforce.
  • The 2020 Colorado Agricultural Labor Survey for Employers closes February 1, 2021 for responses. We will release preliminary finding in early 2021 with a full report later that year.

This work is supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service