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2021The Impact of State Farm to School Procurement Incentives on School Purchasing Decisions

Journal of School Health

2021Consumer Stigma and the Reputation Trap Hypothesis: An In-Store Experiment with Colorado Wines

Journal of Wine Economics
Marco Costanigro and Becca B.R. Jablonski

2021Exploring Changes in Local Food Purchasing Patterns during COVID-19: Insights from a Nationwide Consumer Survey

Hailey Edmondson, Colorado State University
Dr. Dawn Thilmany-McFadden, Colorado State University

2021How Older Households Manage Food Insecurity with Food Production Activities

Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2021 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, August 1 – August 3

Joshua Berning, Jude Bayham, Alessandro Bonanno, Rebecca Cleary, Pratiksha Baishya

2021COVID-19's Impact on Gendered Household Food Practices: Eating and Feeding as Expressions of Competencies, Moralities, and Mobilities

Michael Carolan - The Sociological Quarterly, 2021
This article is based on research conducted in Colorado in late-2019 and again post-COVID outbreak, from April through May of 2020.

2021Too cool for farm to school? Analyzing the determinants of farm to school programming continuation

Alessandro Bonanno and Sachintha S.Mendis

2020Local Foods Go Downstream: Exploring the Spatial Factors Driving US Food Manufacturing

SA Low, M Bass, D Thilmany, M Castillo

2020Do factors contributing to appearance and success of conservation referenda in the West differ from those found in other regions of the United States?

Chriestenson, C., Thilmany, D. Do factors contributing to appearance and success of conservation referenda in the West differ from those found in other regions of the United States?. Ann Reg Sci (2020).

2020Local Food Supply Chain Dynamics and Resilience During COVID‐19

Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy
Dawn Thilmany Elizabeth Canales Sarah A. Low Kathryn Boys

2020Local Food Market Orientation and Labor Intensity

BBR Jablonski, A Bauman, D Thilmany - Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 2020

2020A longitudinal examination of the role of sensory exploratory behaviors in young children's acceptance of new foods

Kameron J.Moding; Laura L.Bellows; Kevin J.Grimm; Susan L.Johnson

2020Making Headway on the Hemp Industry in Colorado: The CHAMP Initiative

R Hill, D Mooney, D Thilmany - Western Economics Forum, 2020
Establishing state hemp programs in the US West creates an increased need for economic professionals to understand key supply chain issues for this new alternative crop.

2020A Baseline Assessment of School Food Spending and Local Procurement: Exploring the Case of CO Hb 19-1132 and Other Public Policies

Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2020 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting
Erin Love, Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Becca B.R. Jablonski, & Laura Bellows

2020Transitions from irrigated to dryland agriculture in the Ogallala Aquifer: Land use suitability and regional economic impacts

Jillian M. Deines, Meagan E. Schipanski, Bill Golden, Samuel C. Zipper, Soheil Nozari, Caitlin Rottler, Bridget Guerrero, Vaishali Sharda

2020A contemporary concept of the value(s)-added food and agriculture sector and rural development

JK Clark, BBR Jablonski, S Inwood, A Irish… - Community Development, 2020
The changing structure of agriculture strains the historically close relationship between commodity agriculture and rural development.

2020Food Insecurity Among Immigrant Populations in the United States

Selected paper prepared for presentation at the 2020 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting
Caroline Norris, Joshua Berning, Rebecca Cleary

2020Industrial Hemp: Reemergence of an Alternative Crop in the US

BA Mitchell, ME Uchanski - Fact sheet (Colorado State University Extension)

2020Just wheat transitions?: working toward constructive structural changes in wheat production

J Hale, M Schipanski, M Carolan - Local Environment, 2020
How do we make agricultural practice more sustainable? One way to examine the drivers and barriers to transitions within agriculture is through the sustainability transitions framework. However, this approach has been criticised for not adequately …

2020Routledge Handbook of Sustainable and Regenerative Food Systems

Edited by: Jessica Duncan, Michael Carolan and Johannes S.C. Wiskerke

2020Using a Neural Network Analysis to Assess Stressors in the Farming Community

C Beseler, L Stallones - Safety, 2020
In the 1980s and 1990s, with decreasing numbers of full-time farmers and adverse
economic conditions, chronic stress was common in farmers, and remains so today.

2020Emergency food provision for children and families during the COVID‐19 pandemic: Examples from five US cities

Becca B.R. Jablonski; Joy Casnovsky; Jill K. Clark; Rebecca Cleary; Beth Feingold; Darcy Freedman; Steven Gray; Xiaobo Romeiko; Laura Schmitt Olabisi; Mariana Torres; Alexandra E. van den Berg; Colleen Walsh; Chelsea Wentworth

2020Do Cottage Food Laws Reduce Barriers to Entry for Food Manufacturers?

JK O'Hara, M Castillo, DT McFadden

2020If You Build Them… Will it Matter? Food Stores' Presence and Perceived Barriers to Purchasing Healthy Foods in the Northeastern U.S.

Lauren Chenarides; Alessandro Bonanno; Anne Palmer
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2020)

2019Small-scale and backyard livestock owners needs assessment in the western United States

Alda F. A.Pires, Amos Peterson, Jerome N. Baron, Ragan Adams, Beatriz Martinez-Lopez, Dale Moore

2019Nutritional Content and Ingredients of Commercial Infant and Toddler Food Pouches Compared With Other Packages Available in the United States

Kameron Moding; Mackenzie Ferrante; Laura Bellows; Alyssa Bakke; John Hayes; Susan Johnson
Nutrition Today. 54(6):305–312, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2019

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