Nourish Colorado is building a team to develop a Law and Policy Survey, Analysis, & Roadmap for Equitable Food Systems Transformation. Yes, that is a mouthful! But the project will be phenomenally engaging!


The results of this process will help us create a state & federal policy roadmap for change with an intentional focus on understanding and addressing existing inequities and identifying necessary changes to transform the food system through policy advocacy. The policy analysis will allow us to identify systemic, intentional, and consistent barriers in the food system, and what gaps and opportunities exist to advance access to nourishing food for all. The roadmap will also provide a strong foundation for change and will enable us to expand existing state-level coalitions and grassroots networks as well as mobilize and expand new coalitions focused on federal- and state- level change.


Nourish Colorado is seeking to contract with an equity analyst to provide a policy analysis that will assist us in identifying food system issues, gaps, and opportunities for change. The contractor will work alongside the legal analyst who will be primarily responsible for the legal analysis and final development of the roadmap, as well as with Nourish staff who are primarily responsible for policy analysis. The core team responsible for this project will work collaboratively and with shared decision-making processes. The core team includes the legal analyst, equity analyst, and policy staff at Nourish Colorado.


The equity analyst will develop a comprehensive review of how the laws, regulations, and historical funding patterns identified by the legal analyst either advance or hinder racial and social equity. This equity-based assessment would be a unique deliverable currently missing from policy planning of many food system organizations. We recognize that some critical data for such an analysis may be missing due to suppressed, or un- or under-reported information to state and federal agencies, but those identified information gaps will inform our advocacy as much as existing information.


Our team will review and select qualified applicants based on their qualifications which should include, but are not limited to: policy development and analysis at the state and federal level; deep experience examining legal and policy barriers to racial and social justice as well as high-impact laws and policies that have advanced equity; knowledge of and passion for sustainable food systems policy.


Nourish Colorado is actively seeking BIPOC-led agencies or BIPOC individuals to respond to this RFP.