Contact: Ragan Adams ( is campus lead with Dan Goldhamer ( as off-campus representative.

Team members: Dan Goldhamer, Ragan Adams, Dawn Thilmany, and Libby Christensen

Mission: Help clients frame community food system discussions and initiatives with a better understanding of social, economic and resource linkages and implications.

Key ongoing projects/programs:

The three projects focused on three distinctly different types of communities in different manners and with different goals providing our team with lots of experience and “food” for thought on process. We would be happy to share our experiences with members interested in this sort of engagement. There is a learning curve at each level.

  • Yampa Valley Food Systems: small rural community in which core members of the food council were engaged bimonthly to discuss their food system. The process was driven by principles of systems thinking and data.
  • Denver Food Vision: large diverse, groups across a large metropolitan area were engaged to understand their collective values and goals for their food system.
  • Colorado Blueprint: statewide initiative to engage a diverse set of agricultural and food system stakeholders to help frame, guide and innovate a blueprint for the future of food and agriculture in Colorado.