Contact: Adrian Card (

Team members:

  • Kurt Jones, Curtis Utley, Jeff Pieper, Adrian Card, Robin Young, Frank Garry, Thad Gourd and Ragan Adams

Key ongoing projects/programs:

  • Water and soil resource management
    • Soil moisture management with growers
    • Mycorhizzal study on grower fields
  • Food waste reduction
    • Eagle County compositing
  • Land and water access
    • Water availability
    • Public lands (Eagle and Pitkin)
  • Backyard gardening, beekeeping, pollinators
    • Gardening workshop
    • Pollinators and bird habitat
    • Colorado Beekeeper Mentorship Program
    • Honeybee hive design evaluation
    • Small orchard demo
      • Apple tree grafting
      • Stonefruit tree grafting
    • Seed saving
  • Animal health and welfare
    • Cattle health
      • Beef feedlot
      • Dairy health and mortality study
      • Dynamic system modeling
    • Small scale poultry educational brochure