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Alyssa Johnson

Ph.D. student
Department of Sociology
Alyssa is a Graduate Research Assistant for the Food Systems Institute working on the Farm to School project. She got her Master’s at the Université de Lille 1 in France in Management of European Affairs and Politics, with a focus on environmental economics. Her BA was in Sociology and Business Administration at Chico State University, California. Alyssa’s focus throughout her Ph.D. will be on the Food, Energy, Water Nexus (FEW), with an interest in the socio-environmental impact of intensive water usage and water governance in various industries (brewing and lithium extraction, for example). Alyssa worked in Bolivia with an NGO advocating for children in prison (due to their parents being imprisoned, mostly as a mule for drug traffickers) and their lack of resources (especially access to nutritious food, water, hygiene and education).