The Colorado Food Summit
Sustainability Initiative
Is there a way to plan a high-quality, productive conference while using fewer resources?
Conference Impacts

We recognize that putting on a large conference takes a lot of resources!


  • Eat and drink (food, napkins, silverware, water glasses)
  • Take notes (paper, pencils)
    Wear nametags and look at programs
  • Move around (cars, planes, buses)
  • And this doesn’t include the resources that got them there in the first place (marketing, printing).

Following the great example from Farm to Institution New England, the Statewide Steering Committee asked: Is there a way to plan a high-quality, productive conference while using fewer resources?

Here we include our sustainability goals for the 2023 Colorado Food Summit. We will track our progress throughout the planning and implementation processes.

Food Procurement Goals
  1. Procure 75% of all food and beverage and 100% of all meat protein (including poultry and seafood), dairy, grains, oats, greens, and eggs from Colorado farms, ranches and businesses
  2. Provide opportunities for engagement and education
  3. Feature chefs from underrepresented backgrounds
Waste Goals
  1. Eliminate plastic water bottles and single-use beverage containers
  2. Divert pre- and post-consumer food waste by collecting dietary preferences in advance, and by donating, repurposing, or composting
  3. Make 100% of the cups, plates, silverware, and napkins compostable or reusable
Marketing Material Goals  
  1. Replace full printed program with online app, and only
    print abbreviated program
  2. Create reusable lanyards
  3. Purchase 100% of marketing materials from Colorado-based businesses
Use recycled and reusable
materials for marketing
  1. Use recyclable/environmentally friendly materials for posters and large signs.
  2. Use recyclable/reusable signs for directions and labeling.
  3. Avoid using dates on printed materials so they can be reused (e.g.,
  4. Encourage presenters not to print out handouts unless necessary.

If you have any suggestions or want to provide feedback or support, please send us an email:

Summit Leadership

Given the focus on leveraging food policy, we our planning committee is made up of representatives from each of the state’s food policy councils/coalitions, which are in turn representative of the diversity of Colorado’s food systems.

Stay Up to Date

We invite anyone connected to Colorado’s food system to be a part of this important discussion. Please add your email here to stay up to date with the latest information about the regional and statewide gatherings.