We are hiring for the position of Farm Manager(s) and want you to apply!

Elkstone Farm is a permaculture-inspired farm in the mountains of northwest Colorado, near Steamboat Springs. Its owners were inspired to start the farm by the agricultural heritage of the valley and the desire to improve the health of the land, using organic principles to enable it to be as productive as possible. The farm began operations in 2009 with the construction of a climate battery greenhouse that allowed for production of Mediterranean perennials (think figs, citrus and grapes). Over the ensuing nine years, our growing operations expanded to include five additional growing areas: 1) a pond garden containing fruit trees, berries, herbs, other perennials, and annual vegetables, 2) three passive-solar hoop houses for annual production, 3) a fruit forest, 4) a flower garden, and 5) an agroforest using an alley-cropping configuration to grow trees and annual crops. Although not certified organic, we are, at our core, committed to the exclusive use of organic practices.

The farm also has a commercial kitchen operated by a chef who create value-added products, as well as teach cooking lessons and offer post-farm tour lunches. Their passion for the farm-to-table connection, creative uses of produce, limiting food waste, and educating people about the slow food movement is infectious.

Our produce and products are sold at our farm stand and the local farmers’ market, restaurants and specialty stores. Summer farm tours are offered to the general public as well as to educational and non-profit organizations.

Our commitment to nurturing the land endures, as does our desire to share our food and knowledge with our community. Going forward, we aim to integrate science more systematically into our operations and continue to enhance the productivity of our land and what Elkstone Farm has to offer our community.


A full description of the Farm Manager(s) job can be found here.

Please fill out the application form below and submit it alongside a resumé and cover letter to info@elkstonefarm.com

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Only candidates who send in all of the information will be considered. If you have any questions please email info@elkstonefarm.com and we will respond promptly. Thanks for your interest and we hope to meet you soon!