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January 2022

Spotlight on Karen Crumbaker
Extension Agent in Agriculture and Natural Resources
CSU Larimer County Extension

Karen has been with CSU Extension since 2006 and with Larimer County Extension since 2009 as the Extension Agent in Ag/Natural Resources. One of the main focuses of her position is working with the many new landowners in Larimer County on best management practices for their small acreages. This includes pasture and grazing management, weed identification and management, and native plant identification. Three major natural disasters have occurred in Larimer County in the past 8 years and Karen has provided educational programming and resources to homeowners affected by these disasters, and conducted programs on emergency preparedness. Karen coordinates the Native Plant Master Program and Colorado Building Farmer/Ranchers program and brings radon awareness to homeowners by providing valuable information on radon and its health effects and distributing free radon test kits.