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May, 2021

Spotlight on Lorann Stallones
Professor, Department of Psychology
Deputy Director, High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

Lorann is an epidemiologist who has studied the health and safety of farmers, their families, and farm workers for over three decades. She has studied acute traumatic injuries and risk factors associated with those injuries, the role of pesticide exposures in mental disorders and suicide, stress among farming populations, and worked on designing prevention programs to reduce injury risk among youth working on farms. She has worked with colleagues in China, Costa Rica, Iran, New Zealand, and South Africa on agricultural safety and health issues. Recently, she worked with an interdisciplinary team addressing the role of euthanasia as a stressor for workers in dairy and swine production. She recently became a grandmother for the first time to a beautiful baby boy named Cedar. When she is not working at CSU, she is a member of the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, and loves weaving and reading.