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February 2022

Spotlight on Rebecca Cleary
Assistant Professor
Dept of Agricultural Resource and Economics

Rebecca Cleary is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics at CSU. She holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin. Her work focuses on health economics, consumer behavior, and food policy. She is interested in understanding what drives consumers’ food-purchase decisions, why households do not fully adhere to nutrition recommendations, and how we can design effective policies to increase nutrition quality, particularly for households most at-risk for diet-related diseases. Dr. Cleary is also committed to undergraduate instruction and teaches the introductory course on agricultural and resource economics as well as a course on agricultural commodity marketing. As a proponent of undergraduate engagement, she has served as a judge for Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity, a contributor for Rams Read and the Signature Works program, and loves being (safely) back on campus in person.