Potential Child Care Needs

Children in Need of Care

The interactive graphic displays the number of workers and in industries and occupations designated as either or “critical businesses” within the food system sector, based on the Colorado Governor’s Order on March 22, 2020. Even in the midst of social distancing, it is necessary for some industries/occupations to be exempt, so that, for example, individuals and households can get access to health care services and food.

We hope that this visual display of data is useful to decision makers when considering the number of workers directly impacted by the “critical business” designation, and the indirect impacts on emergency service provisions such as childcare. For information can be found in the article published in Lancet Public Health accessible here: https://doi.org/10.1016/S2468-2667(20)30082-7

How to use this tool:

  1. Choose whether to view State or MSA estimates
  2. Choose an employment category
  3. Select worker age category
  4. Zoom into area on map and click on a point to see the number of workers. Click on another part of the map to unselect.  Additional selection tools are available in the upper left corner of the map.