County Labor Force Risk

At-Risk Workers

This interactive graphic displays county-level estimates of the number of workers employed in industries designated as “essential critical infrastructure industries” if they contract COVID-19. We hope that these data can help policy makers and industry stakeholders understand the potential ramifications of COVID-19 for our workforce.

How to use this tool:

  1. Select a risk factor (the default is to display the number of workers with any health risk factor).
  2. Select whether to look at essential industries or all industries (the default is essential industries only).
  3. Select an industry to focus on (the default is all). The available industry options match NHIS industry codes.
  4. Select a state to focus on (the default is all).
  5. Use the spatial selector tool to highlight multiple counties at once.
  6. Note that counties with less than 50 qualifying workers are not displayed

Take-aways for Colorado:

  1. Colorado has an estimated 1.8 million workers (77%) employed in any industry who have at least one health condition that puts them at risk of facing complications from COVID-19.
  2. The majority of these at-risk workers (1.2 million) are employed in critical infrastructure industries.
  3. Workers in food production industries with health risks are disproportionately located in rural counties in Colorado.