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Based on CSU’s past collaboration, leadership and technical assistance in several food system reports, issues and organizational efforts, CSU is collecting data and starting a statewide discussion to frame and strengthen the institution’s role in food and agricultural programming. The project highlights key activities, investments and planning that will be done to frame the long-term mission and keystone activities of the Food and Ag arm of the new Regional Economic Development Institute.

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    • For the natural resource, agriculture, food industry and food access and security stakeholders, this blueprint’s mission and objectives are to:

      • Understand opportunities and challenges resulting from changing public attitudes;
      • Assess opportunities for CO food system policy to address challenges and needs;
      • Document, assess and highlight key linkages in Colorado’s food supply chain and infrastructure;
      • Develop priorities for capacity building, investment & innovation across CO agriculture and food stakeholders;
      • Enhance CSU’s knowledge of Colorado-specific research and engagement needs to support opportunities for all research and outreach units (on and off campus)