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April 2018

To further ideas that were brought up in the Liquid Arts Industry Townhall Blueprint meeting, Colorado State University is hosting a Liquid Arts Forum on May 18, 2018.

The Liquid Arts Forum is a collaborative university-private sector effort to bring together industry stakeholders along the Field to Foam spectrum with CSU researchers to identify and address broad issues cutting across industry segments and academic disciplines. Field to Foam members include seed breeders, farmers, growers associations, yeast producers, craft maltsters, brewers and distillers, and distributors. The Forum will bring together 150-200 members of industry and academia for an all-day event featuring moderated breakout discussions on topics such as quality improvement, sustainability and building the Colorado brand, sensory sessions featuring Colorado grown ingredients, and a keynote address by Governor Hickenlooper. The overarching objective of the Forum is to set the stage and initiate CSU and industry collaboration on high impact research projects.

April 2018

Connecting and Strengthening Livestock Supply Chain Nodes: Managing Risk and Assessing New Market Opportunities for Small to Mid-Sized Livestock Production and Processing in Colorado

As a response to recommendations from an industry townhall and broader community-based feedback collected through the 2017 Colorado Blueprint for Agriculture, the project intends to increase capacity within the livestock sector by facilitating connections and communication among small and mid-sized producers and processors through workshop discussions and processing facility/retail outlet tours.

Livestock supply chains built around growing consumer demand for differentiated meat products present small to mid-sized producers with new direct marketing and value-added options to manage risk and enhance economic viability. Project curricula, workshops and experiential learning, informed by directed field interviews with key stakeholders, will enable producers and meat processors to identify direct or value-added marketing outlets and adapt management strategies to increase business profitability.

Sep 15, 2017

Project Highlight: Blueprint Launch