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The Colorado Food Summit Regional Gathering
San Luis Valley
March 25th


Friday February 24th | 9:00 am - 6 pm

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The San Luis Valley, Gunnison and Chaffee convening will begin at Saguache Road & Bridge, where we will get to know each other and discuss critical local food topics including drought, healthy school meals, hub and node connections and the farmworker experience. Participants will have a chance to hear speakers from a diversity of sectors of the food system who are actively working on food projects and policy, mingle with one another, and contribute their own ideas to the discussion. After a delicious catered lunch, we will caravan to Laz Ewe Bar Goat Dairy for an educational farm tour. The locally-owned Windsor Hotel, eatery and distillery in Del Norte will host our social hour wrap-up.

We plan to bring together 30 stakeholders from 8 counties so that they may voice their thoughts on the very important topic of food systems and food policy. We are thankful for all the engaged residents who are willing to show up, brainstorm, and collaborate for a better future.

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